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Utility Warehouse Gourmet Society Card

Utility Warehouse Gourmet Society Card

More great news from the Utility Warehouse, another great benefit when becoming a customer has been announced. If you become a Gold Talk, or Double Gold customer you can get a free Utility Warehouse Gourmet Society Card, how cool is that!

What is the Gourmet Society?

Costing up to £69.95 a year, a Gourmet Society membership provides savings of up to 50% off the cost of dining out at more than 6,700 restaurants nationwide. Membership also provides savings on days out and hotel stays as well as 40% discounts off cinema tickets at ODEON, Cineworld and more. Participating restaurants include Strada, Belgo, Café Rouge, Prezzo and Bella Italia.

What will Members get if they choose this benefit?

The benefit gives them Gourmet Society membership for as long as they stay a Gold Talk or Double Gold customer. They will receive a card in the post (after their first service has gone live) which they can use to enjoy discounts when eating out, and can register online to benefit from the discounted cinema tickets and days out. They can also download the Gourmet Society App on their Smartphone so they don’t need to remember to take the card with them!

Are existing Members eligible for a Gourmet Society card?

If they are Gold Talk or Double Gold customer and a homeowner, they can choose Gourmet Society annual membership from one of the new homeowner benefits in the Clubhouse. Cards will not be sent out before May 2015. They will not be able to change their chosen benefit for 12 months. They will be notified when it’s time to renew or change their extra benefit.

What happens if a Member is an existing Gourmet Society card holder?

They may take an additional membership.

Can a Member who has a Gourmet Society card also use their CashBack card at participating restaurants?

Yes. Members with a CashBack card who also have a Gourmet Society card can save even more at Belgo, Café Rouge and Bella Italia.

What sort of savings can a Gourmet Society member expect?

A member who eats out once a month and visits the cinema once a month could save £20 on their meal and around £8 on cinema tickets, so £28 a month (£336 a year).

GET YOURS! Find out how you can get your Gourmet Society Card why not visit the website for more information

By becoming a distributor with the Utility Warehouse you can also benefit from a Utility Warehouse Gourmet Society Card, subject to a few terms and conditions. Why not find out more today.

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