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Utility Warehouse Mini For Daniel Cahane

“The 12th August will be a big day for me. I collect my brand new Utility Warehouse BMW Mini from HQ – I am well excited!
Utility Warehouse Mini
At the risk of sounding like an Oscar Winner, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey.

So many people in the Utility Warehouse business have contributed encouragement, tips and skills either directly at trainings and meetings – or indirectly through their posts on our Facebook forum. And of course everyone from Charles Wigoder (the Chairman) down who have built the company into the formidable business opportunity it is. Thank you all.

Less exciting is that also on 12th August I will get my first State Pension payment that I have paid many thousands of pounds into with 49 years of hard, full-time work.

Back to more exciting news – just a few days later, I will get my UW commission payment – which after less than 4 years of VERY part-time work from home, nearly equals my State Pension and within a few more months will exceed it! 49 years of hard, full time work or 4 years of part-time work? A bit of a stupid question really!

Just think where I would be now had I started with Utility Warehouse a few years ago. I cannot change that but lots of you can.

Where will you be in 5, 10 or 15 years? If you choose to become a distributor with Utility Warehouse, and put in consistent, persistent effort, you will be ‘Living Your Dreams’!”

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