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Utility Warehouse New Head Office

Utility Warehouse New Head Office

Utility Warehouse New Head Office Edgware Road, LondonUtility Warehouse New Head Office

Merit house it seems has had an incredible face-lift, just like everything else the Utility Warehouse does, its perfect! A state of the art building which will be the new network headquarters for Telecom Plus Plc. The building is really taking shape now and is almost complete. Simply stunning!

The Utility Warehouse aims to be the most trusted Utility provider in the UK, and with much growth to come over the next years and beyond they need plenty of room so that they can continue to manage customers effectively. This is great news for Utility Warehouse Jobs also as many more London vacancies will crop up as the company expands. The Utility Warehouse new head office will have fantastic facilities for staff. With a large canteen, coffee bars and chill out zones, with state of the art equipment. It is a really exciting time for all involved.

This company has well and truly placed its anchors in the ground and is going nowhere.

The Utility Warehouse supply a range of award winning utilities to both the domestic and commercial market place and offer the opportunity for those who wish, to earn an extra income simply by recommending the company to people you know, helping them save money on essential household bills.

If this exciting opportunity is something which you feel would benefit you why not get in touch and be part of a UK success story, the journey is only just beginning, fasten your seat belts, strap yourself in and get involved its going with or without you.

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