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Utility Warehouse Partner Has Amazing Success

Utility Warehouse Partner Has Amazing Success

Goals in Concrete! dates in sand! – last December I set the goal of being an early qualifier for the 6* luxury cruise by Express Day, but we missed it so we changed the date and YES we have finally done it. I am so excited and we are 6 months early to qualify, what was funny is that the customer who got us the last 3 points we needed to qualify has been a friend for the last 30 years and has looked at the discount club on 3 previous occasions but timing wasn’t right, so he ended up a yes about 5 years on. The good news is, not everyone signs up straight away but they come back

We’ve been in the business for 6 years and joined for the residual income and saw the promotions as targets to aim for to push our business on. We’ve never qualified for a holiday of a lifetime on one of these 18-month promotions before, but we are so delighted we did. Look what we have achieved so far in our 6 years.

1) Front row seats at the Olympic Games 2012
2) Over 50 customers which means we get our income paid every month for life
3) A brand new BMW mini after 16 months
4) Paris weekend with spending money
5) Amsterdam weekend with spending money
6) Budapest weekend with spending money
7) And now over 200 customers which means and we collect the Porsche this Monday which we can use for a month. How cool!

My point being we could have quit having felt like we’d failed missing the big holidays – but we didn’t you have to discipline your disappointment and carry on running your own race. It is the big picture of this business you have to look at, and it’s got a lot more exciting since Quip has been announced. Stay consistent and be the best version of you that you can be

Love the club, Love Utility Warehouse

Why not take a look and see how this business could help you – Contact us today

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