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Utility Warehouse services & Member Benefits


The Utility Warehouse is very different to other suppliers. They don’t have any high street shops and their systems are very efficient. And because (unlike their competitors) they don’t waste money on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or in the National Press, they can afford to charge their customers less for the same services.

The Utility Warehouse doesn’t do introductory offers to entice new customers that suddenly go up in price after a few months. All their members benefit from consistently good value and great customer service at all times, for as long as they remain a customer.

As a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club you could benefit from

One monthly bill

The Utility Warehouse is the only multi-utility provider that puts all of a customer’s services onto a simple, single monthly bill. This is a fantastic benefit – it helps with budgeting, it’s clear and easy to understand and it cuts down on paperwork.

Award-winning customer service

The Utility Warehouse call centre is in North London. They answer over 90% of calls within 15 seconds. They understand the importance of customer service, and work hard to deliver excellence in this area.

Value for money

The Utility Warehouse doesn’t have any high street shops, their systems are very efficient and they don’t waste their customers’ money on expensive advertising campaigns on TV or in the National Press. This means they can afford to charge their customers less than their competitors do for the same services.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that in a recent survey, over 94% of Utility Warehouse customers said they would recommend the Utility Warehouse to a friend.

Customer Discount Plan

The Utility Warehouse offers a unique Customer Discount Plan that allows their customers to make discounts on their monthly bill by introducing friends, family or colleagues to the Company! There is no limit to the size of this discount. By simply introducing friends to the Utility Warehouse, customers are rewarded with a discount on their bill, every month, for as long as they remain a customer. The discount is 0.5% for each service they take – so if a referred customer were to take BroadCall (phone and broadband), Gas and Electricity, that’s a 2% discount. Five friends like that, and that’s a 10% discount off the referring customers bill.

Exclusive discount directory

All Utility Warehouse Discount Club members receive an exclusive Member discount directory, packed with discounts and special offers. Customers can save on a huge range of purchases, from chocolates to holidays and days out!

Cheaper shopping

Utility Warehouse Discount Club members enjoy savings on everyday shopping at over 1,000 leading online retailers! The Utility Warehouse unique search engine, ‘findmethecheapest’, looks at all the prices available on the internet, then provides a discount on the price of a customers chosen item whenever the retailer is an affiliate partner. Customers receive the discount as CashBack on their monthly Utility Warehouse bill.

Every time people shop online using a buying comparison site, the comparison site receives commission from the retailer. The Utility Warehouse’s exclusive search engine, ‘findmethecheapest’, is different – it pays their customers the commission!

This is in addition to any CashBack that customers receive from using the Utility Warehouse CashBack card. So if the retailer is also a Utility Warehouse CashBack card partner, customers save even more.

For full details of all Utility Warehouse services, please visit the website

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Utility Warehouse Services

New customers, please sign-up online or call 0800 074 7494. Existing customers, please visit the Clubhouse 

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