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Utility Warehouse Success Stories

Utility Warehouse Success stories

Jez & Sarah with Charles Wigoder - Grand Canyon (2005) - Utility Warehouse Distributor holidayIn any network marketing business, joining the right team and up line can greatly help. If you are reading this page, I’m guessing that you are already aware of this and that you might be looking for the right team to join.

The Utility Warehouse Success Stories below are of ordinary people from around the UK, who with anything from a couple of hours a day, to a couple of hours a week, or more, have employed the Utility Warehouse business opportunity to generate an additional income, and in many cases, have built serious life-changing residual incomes within a few short years.

University Drop-Out Semi-Retired in his 20’s

Wes Linden - Utility Warehouse/Network Marketing success story - read his story Its taken Wes Linden just a few short years to change his life. I was studying to become a teacher and was preparing to take the normal work until you’re 65 path. I thought that working the Utility Warehouse opportunity part-time would be a good way to help me repay my huge student debts, overdrafts, and credit card bills plus I felt it would pay for my beer in the student union!

After a few months of introducing customers and sharing the business opportunity with others, Wes started to see that Telecom plus was actually a way to have some control over his life, I took the radical decision of dropping out of university as it became obvious that if I continued working my Telecom plus business from home, I would not have to worry about getting up at 7 o’clock every morning and working in the bureaucracy driven education system.

Business owner finds low-risk, the better option

Jez & Sarah @ the Cheltenham Massive Action Cup (2009) - read their Utility Warehouse success storyIn business start-ups, the stakes are high and therefore out of reach for most people. I risked close to £50k when I set up my own recruitment agency a few years back. This I found to be even more demanding than my previous career in pharmaceutical sales, where my boss owned my time and called the shots. The Utility Warehouse offers a level-playing field for all and what I really like is that you dont have to re-mortgage your house, leave your safe salary and job, nor do you need to sacrifice your life savings to get started.

The Utility Warehouse business opportunity requires just £200, some part-time effort and a willingness to learn. With such a negligible risk, what has amazed me is that the potential rewards, resulting financial security and freedom of time can far exceed what can be achieved in a traditional business or career.

Take control of your life

Lil McLoughlin (on the left), a Utility Warehouse/Network Marketing success storyOver five years ago, Lil McLoughlin became the Company’s first female Independent Senior Group Leader. She built her business during a period in the Company’s history when the only service on offer was the humble Smart Box. I’m not sure that Lil would ever claim an easy road, but she would clearly testify to it being a very worthwhile journey. Lil is the lady, walking the beach on the ‘What’s It All About?‘ DVD and has enjoyed the complete freedom of a substantial residual income for many years.

If Lil and many like her were able to forge such remarkable stories of success during times when the winds were against them, where could our modern day Telecom plus take us, if only we had the courage to weigh anchor and to boldly set sail like never before.

After a few months of introducing customers and sharing the business opportunity with others, Lil started to see that the Utility Warehouse was actually a way to have some control over her life.

The Millionaire Lifestyle

Millionaire Lifestyle - Network Marketing / Utility Warehouse success story - read moreOne of our goals when we first joined the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) was to make a million from the business. That was rather laughable at the time – especially when we received our first commission cheque for 60 pence! We looked at each other and thought are we setting our sights a little high?

However, over the following six years during our climb to National Senior Group Leader, our monthly residual income cheque rose steadily. Promotional bonuses were introduced which we happily accepted. Incentives were brought in, such as double Customer Gathering bonuses, extra CVC, etc, etc, which we again gratefully received, and the share option scheme gave us, and thousands of other Distributors the opportunity to own a part of the business. We have received in total, almost 150,000 share options. We also received several fabulous holidays worth oodles of money, tons of awards, plus lots of prizes scooped up at the various Express Days etc.

To say that training is good is an understatement!

Doreth Abrahams, Utility Warehouse Distributor success storyI absolutely and unequivocally love the Utility Warehouse and in my opinion, this is by far the best network marketing business in the UK! This one actually works and I have been very happy with the results so far. Recently, the Company rewarded my efforts with a BMW Mini One, which I am very proud to drive. At the time of writing, I have gathered over 100 personal customers, from which I benefit from a growing residual income, plus further income streams from my team.

To say that training is good is an understatement. One of the main ingredients for a successful network marketing business is the training – lots of it! Attending Telecom plus Distributor training on a regular basis is the key to growing a huge business. I attended getting started training again last month and was privileged to learn direct from one of the Company’s top Distributors. I returned home later and booked eight customer appointments that evening. The incredible thing is that Utility Warehouse/Telecom plus Distributor training is mostly free of charge and with no limits on how many times a Distributor can attend.

Actor pays bills and rent with part-time hours

Tristan Lee, Independent Utility Warehouse Distributor & network marketing success storyAs with so many occupations, the acting profession can leave you with many quiet periods between jobs. So what does one do? Tristan from West London has performed in the theatre and on television, has starred in panto, and regularly works as a singer and dancer.

Show-business can be an unreliable profession and I’d found myself having to work in restaurants and relying on temp agencies in between roles, which is far from ideal as the pay is usually poor and if you want to go to auditions you need to take time off which means paying the bills becomes difficult. Since being introduced to the Telecom plus business by a friend, I have built up a repeating income that pays my rent, and bills every month, from just a few part-time hours work a week. Plus I’ve been given one of the great free company cars – a BMW Mini! It is not difficult to recommend the terrific Utility Warehouse services to people and neither is it hard to find others who want to earn extra money, especially with the free training and support that Telecom plus provide.

All round – it’s a genuine win-win!

Shannon & Peter (with Wes Linden) - all Telecom plus/Network Marketing examples of success - read their Utility Warehouse storyFun, independence, being with other people, helping people, achieving results, being worry-free, money, recognition, self respect… were not unique, and we want the same things as most people, but we were struggling to find the time or lifestyle to achieve most of these.

We work this business every day, and every day we are so pleased that it found us at the right time. We both had corporate careers (Shannon was Sales Director for the education division of a major US IT company, and Peter was Managing Director of retail banking for a major consultancy firm). Despite each of us having six-figure salaries, great company cars, expense accounts and a host of executive-level benefits, our time and our lives were not our own; with crucifying pressure and huge stress. We were the living embodiment of the work-life balance gone wrong!

No boss, no stress, great lifestyle – why not you?

Steve Critchley - one of the high paid network marketing professionals in the UKThis opportunity has allowed me to design a life of choice for my family and I. It’s a wonderful feeling to support your children through University without them having to work. In the past year I have been skiing in Austria, enjoyed the sun in Cyprus, bought a £1million house in Surrey and drive a new Mercedes. I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that with a little bit of self-belief, ambition and a willingness to learn you could have the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, like I do.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I was expelled from school at 15, hence no qualifications and I am now semi-retired, working a 20 hour week, after just a few short years.

Building the team to move mountains

My background is that of teaching. For over 20 years I taught PE and sport has been a huge part of my life both as a participant and a teacher. I tend to relate everything I do, and values that I hold, to sport. I have two major goals in my business.

My first major goal has been to build a team, with the kind of energy that can “move mountains” or make the impossible, possible! A team where there is as much genuine pleasure for the new Distributor who gathers their first six customers as for the Distributor who reaches the top of the ladder.

Some time ago I played in a Ladies’ tennis team. As we had no matches in the winter we decided we’d form a squash team and enter the league. None of us had played squash before. We had a couple of lessons to learn the basic skills. Come our first match and we were wiped off court. We were used to success in the tennis league and this was an unpleasant experience for us (our business equivalent – the successful business person who is not immediately successful with the Utility Warehouse).

Part-time income gives daughter a full-time mum

Gail & Grahame B - Utility Warehouse DistributorsWith a background in IT sales, Gail was used to a great salary, but lots of stress. Demanding targets meant that she was aware that she was only as good as last month’s sales figures.

Husband Grahame also has a demanding job, as a medical product manager and explained, as we continued life in the fast lane, we were becoming increasingly frustrated that Gail couldn’t afford to give up work to have a baby and start the family we badly wanted.

Something had to change, so in 2003 they started working part-time with Telecom plus, fitting it around their existing work commitments. Then in 2005, daughter Teah was born. I went on maternity leave, explains Gail, and it was a great feeling when Grahame and I could decide that I didn’t need to go back to work full-time because of the additional income we were generating from our Telecom plus business.

The future for new distributors could not be brighter!

Susan M, Utility Warehouse Independent DistributorOriginally from Ayrshire in Scotland I now reside in beautiful Kent with my husband and two children. When my children were born I chose to give up work to become a full-time mum and, to be honest, the years when the children were young were the happiest of my life. Once the children started school I became restless and looked about for something that would be challenging but also totally flexible. I wanted the work and I wanted the money but most of all I wanted to be a mum, and that meant I had to be available whenever the children needed me. Therefore I needed an activity that I would be able to pick up and put down to suit the demands of my family.

It was at this point that I stumbled across network marketing. I had studied marketing as one of the subjects for my degree so the concept did not scare me in the way it does some people. I saw it for what it was a very powerful concept that requires the right vehicle to realise its full potential.

A financial vehicle that will give us what we want from life

Rishi Sailopal & Marina Jackson, Independent Distributors with the Utility Warehouse Discount ClubWe are Rishi & Marina, based in Warwickshire and have been Authorised Distributors with the Utility Warehouse for just over 12 months. Our reason for joining the Telecom plus business was to find a financial vehicle that will give us what we want from life. Rishi was made redundant 18 months ago and our world was turned upside down in an instant. Now we want to be in control of our own lives. Not to work for someone else who has control over what we do, and how much we get paid.

Before we became Distributors we did our own research on the Utility Warehouse and Telecom plus PLC, this took several weeks. We were trying to find a fault with the Company and a reason not to join. Strangely enough we couldn’t find any. We decided to join the Utility Warehouse business for various reasons. Firstly, it was a win-win situation. People want to save money, we needed to make money and this business combines the two. We also needed a business that we could fit around our day jobs, and didn’t involve going door to door.

No longer on the scrap heap!

Dennis & Cindy H - Network Marketing success - read their Utility Warehouse storyCindy & I live in Sale, Cheshire and until very recent times I was involved VERY part time with a beauty business in Knutsford, Cheshire.

We joined Telecom plus in 1997. We had just closed our menswear business in Knutsford and we were victims of the mid 1990s recession. I was 46 years old, owed £130k+, in danger of losing our home, our cars, our lifestyle and in particular; my pension. I had no-where else to go. My belief in me was zero!

I was working from home, trying various things to make ends meet but mainly increasing my costs. My telephone bill was going through the roof; so when I was approached I was very receptive to saving money. When the concept of this business was explained to me I realised; bingo! I had a solution to our problems. If I wanted to save money why shouldn’t other people want to do the same? If they save money they will be happy and because of the system I’ll be happy.

The harsh reality was I needed extra income

Network Marketing/Utility Warehouse success story - Stephan L - read his Telecom plus storyFormal background; First 11 years of my economic life as a blue-collar worker. Past 13 years involved in aviation as airside safety officer. I loved the job, unfortunately I didn’t like some of the people I worked with, no choice I guess I came to the conclusion my particular career ladder was firmly leaning against the wrong wall!

A time for change. I was looking for something I could do for myself and a friend of mine told me about Telecom plus, he told me to keep an open mind at that point. I firmly closed mine! I was naturally sceptical, had heard it all before, read the book, seen the film, its not for me. I had already pre-judged, but because I knew this person I decided to logically check it out. I got a bank manager friend to do some checks on the company, to my astonishment everything checked out and I must admit the timing was right for me to take a serious look at creating a second income stream.

As an Independent Financial Advisor, I had no time!

Financial Advisor finds formula for success with Telecom plusI am an Independent Financial Advisor and Jackie is an Interior Designer/Specialist Painter. When I first looked at this opportunity I loved the concept of referral based marketing but I was too busy, already working 60-80 hours a week and had no spare time at all. However I realised that if I really wanted to do this, I had to find the time needed to fit this other business in. My hobby was sailing the coastal waters of North Wales, where we live, and I loved it so I made the momentous decision to temporarily give it up to release some time. Why not? I knew that if I just gave it up for a while, then later I could sail as often as I liked and in warmer climates too.

Prior to joining the financial services profession I qualified in Hotel Management and I was a Restaurateur. However, I had previously tried many things including being a Meat Pie Manufacturer, Laborer, Crane Driver. I knew absolutely nothing about telephony, broadband, mobile phones or the other Utility Warehouse services.

Injury stops Policeman working but he keeps earning

Network Marketing/Utility Warehouse success, Independent Distributor, Jimmy CWhen Jimmy was forced to leave the police service in 2004 due to an injury, he was sad to leave a job he enjoyed, “I loved being able to help and serve other people. I was proud of the job I did.” However, Jimmy was confident that his future was going to be bright, “I’d already started working my Telecom plus business in my days off from the police and I knew it had the potential to support my family.

“Many other people in my position would have been forced to take menial jobs they didn’t enjoy, but I can spend time doing what I love; helping people to save money on their essential household services, and if they want, helping them make extra money too.

I went on over 20 trainings in my first year and the days following training I was in such a high that I couldn’t fail to sign lots of customers. people buy from people and when you are so enthusiastic about what you are talking about, people can’t say no.”

From saving people’s lives to saving people money!

A secure future for Keith with Telecom plusWhen Keith was offered the chance to become a Utility Warehouse customer and save some money on his BT phone bill he never realised the effect this would have upon his future. “My bills were about £200 per quarter and becoming a member of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club saved me about £70 in the first 3 months. Naturally, after I told a few friends about these savings, and then learnt I could earn an income for doing so, I knew I needed to do something different if I wanted to earn any real money.

I left school without any qualifications and worked two jobs at the same time to scrape a living as a French polisher and an on-call fireman. When I found out it was possible that I would earn some money with the Utility Warehouse every time someone switched on a light, boiled a kettle, made a phone call or sent a text message, I realised this could give me the chance to start working towards a financially secure future.

I shudder to think what I would be doing now!

Kerry Painter - being blind, this was the business that made the most senseI cant tell you enough what a phenomenal business opportunity this is. I left work when my daughter was born because I didnt want to have to make the choice between her sports day and the wishes of my boss. Although this wasnt my first business opportunity, being blind, this was the one that made most sense for me. Product-based opportunities not only meant that I had to sell month upon month but also that I had to rely on someone who could see helping me to pound the streets with my catalogues and to deal with the orders. That wasnt what I wanted. I needed something where the service delivered itself and the team support from the Company down understood my specific needs and challenges. This is most definitely it and the Utility Warehouse has delivered well is every respect.

I shudder to think what I would be doing now if I weren’t a Utility Warehouse Distributor and involved with this business – probably sitting on the breadline or claiming benefits or doing some job that someone who didnt have a clue about my situation, thought that I was capable of.

Business Honor’s Degree no guarantee of a job

Independent Utility Warehouse/Telecom plus Distributor - Jack's storyAfter going through numerous examinations, coursework for A-levels and a Degree at University, up until the age of 22, I was more frequently being asked the question of what job are you going to do after University? So after much thought and consideration of the dream jobs that I wanted in the ideal world (i.e. Working in Promotions for a Big Sports Company or Team travelling around the World, or finding a three hour-a-day job with massive amounts of pay and time off!!) I soon realised that having a Business Honor’s Degree doesn’t at all guarantee you a job or any job that would interest me. This I certainly did not want as I want to enjoy my life just as much as I did before I left University.

I had heard about the Utility Warehouse business before and it sounded brilliant but for a person my age to start a business was going to be hard, as I had no experience whatsoever. I also thought it would be very hard convincing older people to save money or make money. However, my father suddenly (or finally) realised the potential of it and he was hooked as well, therefore he decided to do it along with me to help me out and make money for himself!

Perfectly suited to busy people

Another Utility Warehouse Distributor success story, John TI joined the business with a plan to get to Independent Senior Group Leader. I am delighted that I achieved that before the end of 2008. Running my own organic food business, playing drums/percussion with a band and having a busy family life, may leave an impression of a life too full to develop another income stream. However, this business is perfectly suited to busy people. Tailoring it around everyday life enables you to start developing a team which then contributes many hours to your business while you may be occupied elsewhere.

One thing that I have come to appreciate since becoming a Distributor is the huge impact that our everyday thoughts have upon our business. After all, as Jeff Olson so eloquently puts it: “Our thoughts affect our philosophy, our philosophy will affect our actions and our actions will determine our future”.

I am now becoming much more aware of whether my thoughts are empowering me or holding me back, and there doesn’t seem a great deal of point in having a mindset that holds me back.

Karen M - Distributor & Network Marketing success - read her storyA wonderful journey of self-discovery

I trained as a PE teacher and after experiences teaching and traveling in South East Asia and Africa, I became passionate about overseas development issues. I returned to the UK to complete a Masters degree in demography/ population policies. I then worked in the charity sector implementing projects in Africa.

In 2003 I became a Utility Warehouse customer and was impressed with both the savings and efficiency of the Company. I wanted to tell my friends and family about it so that they could benefit too. By this time I was at home, full time, with three children under five. I saw the Utility Warehouse business as an opportunity for a challenge. Right from the start I had a good feeling about this venture; my long-term goal was to reach Senior Group Leader and retire!

The light went on in my head

Pat - Independent Utility Warehouse DistributorA couple of years ago a friend of mine told me about a business where I could get paid every time a customer turned on a light, but it wasn’t until September 2004 when I was looking for cheaper phone calls that the light went on in my head, and I realised exactly what she was talking about.

I retired as a Police Sergeant in 1992 and joined the ranks of the self-employed as an aromatherapist, which gave me more time at home with my children. Unfortunately, after a rather bloody divorce, I became a single parent with 2 children, a large house miles from the bus stop, and an unpredictable income. My Police pension was slowly falling in value, and I was turning into a taxi-driver for 2 teenagers. So we decided to move to a smaller house, nearer school and civilization, and it was when I was looking for ways of saving money that I found I could make money too, with a range of essential services that everyone already used.

Just 12 months part-time work to create a pension

Telecom plus success story - read Peter's storyPeter first discovered The Utility Warehouse and Telecom plus Plc when he was buying some shares in the Company and then became a Utility Warehouse Discount Club Member. When I looked properly at how Telecom plus did business using ordinary people working from home, to introduce customers through word-of-mouth, I decided to try it for myself. I was tired of nepotism, frustrations and the politics involved in corporate life so at 50 I decided to leave the rat-race to try and do my own thing.

After just 12 months of working part-time with Telecom plus and promoting The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, Peter had a very pleasant surprise: My monthly commission had grown to overtake the pension I had spent nine years of employment working to build, which of course I can’t touch until I’m 60. My goal now is to own a 38-foot catamaran and to share sailing and exploring the world with my partner Conny, my family and friends, which this business will give me the time and flexibility to do.

Retire at 45 & travel the World, Craig & Sandra McCarthy

Telecom plus success for Craig C - read his network marketing success storyGetting started in this business nine years ago, the goal was to find an opportunity to earn a significant income without the confines of a 20 hour a day job and a boss breathing down my neck. I didn’t know a lot about network marketing, even less about the Utility Warehouse and didn’t have the slightest idea that it was going to provide me with a secure income and a truly happy life.

In the early days I worked so hard for very little reward and one of the hardest things was to keep going without the evidence that I was ever going to succeed. At that time there were no role models, none that had gone before me, that I could look up to and get advice from and there were a few times (actually many times) when I doubted that I would earn enough to feed the cat, let alone myself and the idea of being able to eat in the world’s top restaurants was to say the least remote. But, as my wife will tell you, I am a determined so and so.

It’s so important to have multiple streams of income!

Mark A - so important to have multiple streams of income - another Network Marketing success - read Mark's Telecom plus storyWhen Mark left school at 16 with no qualifications, he began work as a building site laborer, and also spent some time as a factory worker. He managed to save up to buy his own property and made a quick profit from this and so began to buy others houses to rent out. It was at this stage he found the Telecom plus (Utility Warehouse) opportunity.

At first, I just wanted to find cheaper services for myself and was amazed to find that Telecom plus offered a Discount Club via the Utility Warehouse, that offered all the household services on one convenient bill. Then I found out they had an income opportunity too, and thought I might as well get all my rental properties on the services and make some money from this!

Mark found that things grew from there, without really going out of my way, I was signing up customers and distributors. I’d just mention the cheaper services on one bill and people would be interested, as indeed they would when I shared that there was a way to make extra income too. I now have a monthly income that grows each month from Telecom plus.

I had no real idea about Referral Marketing

Record breaking network marketing success - Stuart TI live in Sussex and was in the rat-race for the first half of my working life. I have a sales and engineering background, was successful and earning good money. I regularly used to drive 40-50,000 business miles a year, staying nights away and enjoying little personal or social life.

In 2003 I had the opportunity to leave the rat-race and spend more time at home. I wasnt sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to work from home. I had one false start but then almost by accident, I came across Telecom plus. I had no real idea what Referral Marketing was, or what was involved in becoming successful in network marketing, but as with anything I set my mind too, I threw myself into it with a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm.

I had a full-time self-employed job when I started, which meant I could initially only spare a few hours a week, but I found it really easy to encourage my warm market to try the services and save money. With determination I received around £1,000 in bonuses in the first two months.

The stories above are of ordinary people from around the UK, who with anything from a couple of hours a day, to a couple of hours a week, or more, have employed the Utility Warehouse  business opportunity to generate some extra money…and in many cases, build a serious life-changing residual income.

If you are curious enough to find out more and how this can work for you too, then please get in touch and contact us!