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Business Honours Degree no guarantee of a job

Independent Utility Warehouse/Telecom plus Distributor - Jack's storyAfter going through numerous examinations, coursework for A-levels and a degree at university, up until the age of 22, I was frequently being asked the question of what job are you going to do after university? So after much thought and consideration of the dream jobs that I wanted in the ideal world (i.e. working in promotions for a big sports company or team traveling around the world, or finding a three hour-a-day job with massive amounts of pay and time off!) I soon realised that having a Business Honours Degree doesn’t at all guarantee you a job or any job that would interest me. This I certainly did not want as I want to enjoy my life just as much as I did before I left university..

I had heard about the Utility Warehouse business before and it sounded brilliant but for a person my age to start a business was going to be hard, as I had no experience whatsoever. I also thought it would be very hard convincing older people to save money or make money. However, my father recognised the potential of the business and he was hooked as well, therefore he decided to do it along with me to help me out and to make money for himself!

A Utility Warehouse ‘Maniac’

After signing up we booked ourselves into the Company’s College of Excellence training straight away to understand as much as we could about network marketing/the Utility Warehouse and what a help it has been! I advise anyone to book on to training straight away. From then on we had goals set and we managed to reach ‘Maniac’ status three days before Express Day (53 days total) and therefore had lunch with the Honourable Charles Wigoder, received a Edinburgh Crystal vase each, a silver and gold plated pen each and also a bottle of champagne each from our sponsors Dennis and Cindy. On top of these rewards, cash bonuses too! The support from our upline Dennis (with late night and early morning calls) was brilliant and we would have struggled to reach Maniac status if it wasn’t for him! The support of this business is fantastic.

I now know that this business can give you everything you want in life, be that part-time or full-time. You work your own hours and the rewards are up to you and not your employer. My main goal is to be able to work the business with all my friends and family and travel the world (house to house if need be) to see all the worlds major sporting events (F1 Grand Prix, Cricket, Rugby and Football World Cups, Olympics etc) and to play as much sport myself as physically possible! I would also like a massive boat to cruise around the med and Caribbean! This business has the potential to do this (and still get paid whilst doing it!).

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