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A financial vehicle that will give us what we want from life

Rishi Sailopal & Marina Jackson, Independent Distributors with the Utility Warehouse Discount ClubWe are Rishi & Marina, based in Warwickshire and have been Authorised Distributors with the Utility Warehouse for just over 12 months. Our reason for joining the Telecomplus business was to find a financial vehicle that will give us what we want from life. When Rishi was made redundant our world was turned upside down in an instant. Now we want to be in control of our own lives. Not to work for someone else who has control over what we do, and how much we get paid.

Before we became Distributors we did our own research on the Utility Warehouse and Telecom plus PLC, this took several weeks. We were trying to find a fault with the Company and a reason not to join. Strangely enough we couldn’t find any. We decided to join the Utility Warehouse business for various reasons. Firstly, it was a win-win situation. People want to save money, we needed to make money and this business combines the two. We also needed a business that we could fit around our day jobs, and didn’t involve going door to door.

It’s a commonly held opinion, that the services provided by the Utility Warehouse are the ultimate consumables. Every person and every business uses gas, electricity, phone, broadband and mobiles. But the Utility Warehouse is far more than just a utility company and discounts can be made on almost anything we purchase including food, fuel, clothes, and general shopping. The Company provide free training for Distributors, and from this alone we have benefited considerably. It has given us many more skills and the confidence to promote the Company’s services.

Since becoming Distributors, we have both experienced benefits in other areas of our life too. We have met some fantastic, like-minded people who have become our friends. We have both gained more confidence and new skills, and we are now receiving an ongoing residual income which is growing month on month.

Rishi Sailopal & Marina Jackson
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