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Part-time income gives daughter a full-time mum

Gail & Grahame B - Utility Warehouse DistributorsGail’s background was that of a high-stress IT sales professional and whilst she enjoyed the benefits of a very good salary, the price was the constant pressure of demanding performance targets and an awareness that security always hinged on last month’s results.

As is the case for most professional couples, Gail’s husband Grahame, was also subject to the demands of a high pressure career. With Grahame working as a medical product manager, their combined lifestyle was very much in the fast lane and as a couple, frustrations were growing that Gail could not afford to give up work to start a family.

Looking for a solution, in 2003 Gail and Grahame started with Telecom plus, on a flexible/part-time basis and fitting the business around their ongoing work commitments as best they could. Following the birth of their daughter and maternity leave in 2005, the additional income from their Telecom plus business meant that Gail did not need to go back to full-time employment, which was by Gail’s admission, a very good feeling.

Grahame commented positively on the flexibility of the Utility Warehouse business and how Gail is able to build the business during the time that Teah is either at nursery or playing with friends, with Gail adding her equally positive view on the benefits of not having to return to work like the Mums she met at ante-natal classes.

Most of the time Grahame is the only Dad there

Bringing this Utility Warehouse success story up to date, Grahame was also able to walk away from his full-time job in 2009, enabling both Gail and Grahame to enjoy valuable time with Teah before she started school in September 2009. It’s rare for one parent to enjoy a full-time parenting role, but for both parents to be fully present in this way is almost unheard of. Reflecting of this favourable situation, Gail offers a reminder that the opportunity for such time with young children soon passes forever.

With a growing residual income, both Gail and Grahame are now full-time with their Utility Warehouse business, enjoying continued work/home life flexibility and the freedom to both attend all of their daughter’s school functions, where more often than not, Grahame is the only Dad present. Gail has also been able to fulfil an important personal dream of being able to afford Teah the benefits of a private education.

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