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It’s so important to have multiple streams of income

Mark A - so important to have multiple streams of income - another Network Marketing success storyMark’s story is further evidence of the wide variety of people who succeed as Independent Utility Warehouse Distributors and how, regardless of qualifications and background, the business offers all a level playing field. With no qualifications, Mark left school at 16 to start work as a building site labourer. Following this, Mark started to invest in property and it was as a landlord that he first discovered the Utility Warehouse. As is often the case, Mark’s introduction to the Company was via the Utility Warehouse Discount Club. He was looking for cheaper utility bills and was impressed with the convenience of the single bill system. Mark quickly identified the associated income opportunity and recognised an obvious synergy with his rental properties.

Mark is a keen advocate of the need to build multiple streams of income and draws parallels between his experiences as a property investor with the streams of income that are possible as an Independent Utility Warehouse Distributor. In building his business, Mark’s early experience was that it was straight forward to find people who would be interested in either savings, convenience or the opportunity to generate extra income and that in doing so, he has created an extra income stream that increases each month.

Mark has two small children, works in property development and spends 15 hours-a-week concentrating on his Telecom plus business. As a trainer, he leads by example, emphasising the need to attend any training sessions and seminars that are available. He stresses the fact that while the opportunity will work if you are prepared to work with it, success is not automatic and that what is needed is a consistent and maintained work ethic. Considering his own background and drawing on his own experience with the Utility Warehouse business, Mark offers his view and encouragement that if he can do it, anyone can do it!


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