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Injury stops policeman working but he keeps earning

Network Marketing/Utility Warehouse success, Independent Distributor, Jimmy CInjuries stop many promising careers in their tracks, as was the case for Jimmy who in 2004, had no choice but to leave his career as a police officer. Whilst being unhappy to move on from a role that he loved, Jimmy had already started to build his Telecom plus business on a part-time basis and had experienced enough of the opportunity to feel confident that the business had the potential to support his family.

Jimmy has been highly successful as a Utility Warehouse/Telecom plus Distributor and where he might have been forced to take a low paid/unrewarding job, it demonstrates what can be achieved with the business if a person has the right focus and motivation. Having reached a good income in a relatively short period of time, Jimmy and his family moved to France for 12 months, with Jimmy continuing to work his Telecom plus business just a few days each month. With the birth of their second son, Jimmy and his wife Nicky moved back to the UK, where Jimmy has continued ever upwards with the Telecom plus business, ensuring a very good lifestyle and most importantly, with the flexibility to prioritise time with his family over work commitments.

Jimmy commented: “I went on over 20 trainings in my first year and the days following training I was in such a high that I couldn’t fail to sign lots of customers. People buy from people and when you are so enthusiastic about what you are talking about, people can’t say no.”

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