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Build it One Day’s Freedom at a Time

Jez Tromans, Independent Utility Warehouse Distributor13th July 2004. How many people lose sight of their reasons for joining Telecom plus? After the emotion has passed, how many of us never really even get going with this great opportunity? Despite our awakening that we are 2-5 short years away from financial and time rewards far in excess of our current situation, many of us still find the path of least resistance an easier road to tread and continue with our daily 9 to 5. Crazy!

In the past we might have been forgiven for holding on to some doubts and questioning our decision to join. I for one have been guilty of this and can remember asking myself how a mere £100.00 investment (backed with a serious commitment) could ever compete with a well-paid career, pension plan, company car and fringe benefits. After all, I had status – an office with my name and posh title above the door, a PA, regular trips abroad, expenses account etc.

However, in the hard light of day, what does any of this count for in the face of redundancy, down-sizing, health challenges, stress, a broken marriage and any number of other hurdles that life can throw in our way? Whilst we cling to the relative safety of our current situation, what price are we paying for the illusion of success on our current road? Like the majority of the UK population, does our polished exterior, nice house, 2.3 kids, company car etc merely offer some temporary respite against uncertain futures, non-existent security and quiet inner desperation? There has to be a better way!

Mine is an ironic tale. Dissatisfied with my situation, some years ago, the decision was made to change. Handing back a fat salary, job title and company car – I was faced with a simple decision: Telecom plus or traditional business. Yet again, I could not believe that a ‘business in a box’ could ever seriously compare with a business investment of £30,000, loss of employee benefits and life sentence to work 100 plus hours per week. I wish at that time I heeded the words of a nice couple called Trevor and Karen (what did they know?!), whose frank and honest advice if taken seriously, could have saved me four years of learning it the hard way.

Jez & Sarah (Utility Warehouse Distributors), on one of the Company's free holiday'sUntil recently, what totally escaped my attention was the fact that my early days in Telecom plus and mere one-months commitment have yielded a great return. For some years, despite zero activity, Telecom plus kindly paid me between £50 and £150 every month for doing nothing other than the work I did years ago!

If in my previous employment I had adopted this kind of work ethic, a P45 would have quickly followed. If as a businessman, I had dared to cut my hours – serious consequences, and yet, despite my complacent attitude to Telecom plus, the cheques keep coming and no ‘We regret to inform you letter’ from Charles!

It was a financial colleague who suggested that a return of 2,500% was pretty good and asked if it would be possible to invest £199.75 as well. My perspective is that one-month invested in Telecom plus has delivered a royalty based salary worth one day’s freedom per month. If I had listened to Trevor and Karen some 48 months ago, how many days of my life per month would I now own?

So, if like me you sit at the back of COPs for fear of being asked when you joined Telecom plus or rationalise why the business has yet to work for you, perhaps its time to forget your past failings, grab hold of this great opportunity and see how many days of freedom in every month you can create for yourself. Its just a decision.

Two months ago, I took a trip to London to meet with a chap called Wes Linden. I asked him a few direct questions and was pleased by his equally frank responses. We compared my fifteen years in a career and four years in business with the results that he and numerous other leaders in Telecom plus can testify to. Facts don’t lie and if you were to take stock of your current situation in a similar way, what conclusion would you draw and what subsequent action would you take?

I now have my 2-5 year plan back in place, with time allocated and a great deal of optimism for a changed tomorrow. In two months, with a little work and some well placed upline guidance, I’m back on track, have doubled the size of the team and have carved another days freedom. How about you?

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Perspectives on 12 months part-time with the Utility Warehouse

I am sometimes asked what it takes to succeed in Telecom plus Distributor. A difficult question to answer, as for my first four years in Telecom plus I did nothing. That’s one of the strange characteristics of this business, in that we offer the opportunity to others and one can never predict the outcome. If you want to know how to succeed, look for opportunities to learn from those who have – the likes of Wes Linden, Steve Critchley, Jimmy Chapman, Phil Snellman, Robin Brooks, Clive Leach etc. Every month, these highly successful Distributors are available to you via the Company’s timetable of Career Opportunity Presentations (COPs) and network of College of Excellence (COE) training – for free!

Taking account for 18 months as a Utility Warehouse Distributor

When you are surrounded by living proof that the Telecom plus business works, there are no meaningful excuses and only two logical courses of action – you can either go for your goals or stay where you are. By the end of Express Day last year, the gauntlet was laid and a commitment made to achieving five things in the following 12 months…to reach Group Director, to Qualify for Share Options, to cross stage as Number One Recruiter, to take us on the Company Holiday and to park one of those nice Mini One cars on the drive.

No free-lunch with the Utility Warehouse

Attaining promotion to Marketing Director on the 25th December 2008 was a very special Christmas present and the personal realisation of a four year business plan and a great deal of focused goal setting. So many people ask what the secret of success is in this type of business. There are so many, but perhaps the key one is simply to accept that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ and that network marketing, contrary to misinformed opinion, is certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

Promotion to Independent Senior Group Leader

Jeremy, by his own admission, has had a stop-start career with Telecom plus. He was active in his early days in the business, but then had a four year gap where he did nothing, instead concentrating on his ‘day job’ . However, he couldn’t help but notice that he was still getting paid every single month for the work he had done initially.

Taking flight with the Utility Warehouse

When considering the whole philosophy dynamic of network marketing and how time financial leverage is possible through building a team, it fascinates me to look back and consider that for the next four (going on five years) I did virtually nothing! And aside from a little contact with Wes Linden, Lil McLoughlin and Trevor Blake, I was oblivious to the business growth that was beginning to develop through John’s consistent hard work. My Telecom plus Utility Warehouse business was back in it’s box, gathering dust in a corner and that’s pretty much where it stayed until early 2004. Yet, despite any input from me, it flourished!

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