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Take control of your life

Lil McLoughlin (on the left), a Utility Warehouse/Network Marketing success storyOver five years ago, Lil McLoughlin became the Company’s first female Independent Senior Group Leader. She built her business during a period in the Company’s history when the only service on offer was the humble Smart Box. I’m not sure that Lil would ever claim an easy road, but she would clearly testify to it being a very worthwhile journey. Lil is the lady, walking the beach on the ‘What’s It All About?’ DVD and has enjoyed the complete freedom of a substantial residual income for many years.

If Lil and many like her were able to forge such remarkable stories of success during times when the winds were against them, where could our modern day Telecomplus take us, if only we had the courage to weigh anchor and to boldly set sail like never before.

Below is a little more of Lil’s story so far…

In 1998 Lil McLoughlin stumbled across something that dramatically changed her life for the better; although she didn’t realise it at the time. “I had a full time job as an Inspector that I enjoyed, but at times the workload was overwhelming and the deadlines could be punishing. I was your typical professional, on the treadmill of working until I was 65, hoping for a pension that would enable me to afford a `reasonable` lifestyle. One day I heard about the Utility Warehouse opportunity, a part-time business that could help me build a second income.

After a few months of introducing customers and sharing the business opportunity with others, Lil started to see that the Utility Warehouse was actually a way to have some control over her life. “I realised that by simply working my business part-time from home I could take charge of my life and escape the bureaucracy of the Inspection system. I started to take the business much more seriously; putting in consistent effort, albeit on a part time basis. I was soon able to leave my job, because I’d replaced the income from my job with my income from the Utility Warehouse.

I feel very passionate about the business and the opportunity it provides

I feel very passionate about the business and the opportunity it provides. I know there are many people out there like myself. I felt that I was stuck with a job I enjoyed, but that continually caused me stress. I felt I had very little control in my work life, time off had to be juggled with everyone else; I couldn’t choose my colleagues, the hours I worked or how much money I earned. But with the Utility Warehouse I have found that I have the flexibility to work the hours I choose, work with people I like and respect and take time off when I want to. And it’s so interesting because this business appeals to such a wide cross section of society. There are people from all walks of life making a success of it, including plumbers, financial advisors, mums, doctors, builders, taxi-drivers, property developers and solicitors, you name it and you’ll find them in this business.

I have been able to generate an income that comes in every month regardless of whether I’m working or not. The business has given me the freedom I always dreamt about, but never believed would be possible. I spend months at a time travelling and I have the security of knowing that I’ll be paid regardless of where I am in the world. In recent years I have toured Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay & Chile, and also had holidays in the U.S, Egypt, Greece and Italy; and all this is after just five years part-time effort.

The business concept is simplicity itself

The business concept is simplicity itself. Have you ever recommended a book, a restaurant, or a film to someone? (Yes of course!) Have you ever been rewarded or paid for that? (Probably not!) Well that’s exactly how the Utility Warehouse works. They provide services people use every day. They pay us for simply recommending these award-winning services. And while customers continue to use these services, they continue to pay us over and over again. So we get paid every time someone surfs the net, boils a kettle, turns on the heating or makes a phone call. Unlike in the world of work where you get paid once for the job you do, we do a job once and get paid forever.

And it’s a business where you only succeed by helping others to succeed, unlike the dog eat dog system that I was used to. You get as much support as you need and the Company provides a structured training programme, so you have the knowledge and skills you need to feel completely confident.

The Company also offers lots of incentives, like a Free BMW Mini car plan, share options, holidays, and a Porsche Boxster plan too. But it’s entirely up to the individual to choose the incentives they want to work towards. My lifestyle now far exceeds that of when I was working full-time and I no longer worry about my pension from being an Inspector. I’ll still get it when I’m 65, but I can use that as extra spending money when I’m on my travels!

Lil McLoughlin
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