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The Millionaire Lifestyle – Utility Warehouse Distributors

Millionaire Lifestyle - Network Marketing / Utility Warehouse success story - read moreOne of our goals when we first joined the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) was to make a million from the business. That was rather laughable at the time – especially when we received our first commission cheque for 60 pence! We looked at each other and thought are we setting our sights a little high?
However, over the following six years during our climb to National Senior Group Leader, our monthly residual income cheque rose steadily. Promotional bonuses were introduced which we happily accepted. Incentives were brought in, such as double Customer Gathering bonuses, extra CVC, etc, etc, which we again gratefully received, and the share option scheme gave us, and thousands of other Distributors the opportunity to own a part of the business. We have received in total, almost 150,000 share options. We also received several fabulous holidays worth oodles of money, tons of awards, plus lots of prizes scooped up at the various Express Days etc. We’ve had the Company’s Porsche Boxster for a month. We won a trip to Paris as a result of achieving the 500 plus Club. And we’ve been to the Caribbean on a fabulous cruise. How much did that lot cost? We’ve now got a fabulous Herend porcelain collection worth thousands of pounds, and we’ve been astute enough to buy some shares in our company as a pension for the future.

Just recently, the share price rose to a very nice level. When it did, coupled with all of the above, we realised that we have made over one million pounds as a result of being Distributors with Telecomplus. And we know that other leaders in the business have got more share options than us! Then during the next week, the share price rose again several times. There is absolutely no doubt this company has an amazing long-term future, given the clear commitment to the business of Charles and his amazing Head Office team.

It has enabled us to do things we have never dreamt of being able to do

Now that is exciting. Even if the share price doesn’t continue to rise, the residual income will continue to come in, as our business continues to grow. It has enabled us to do things we have never dreamt of being able to do, and we have the trappings of success that are only available to a small percentage of the population. So if you are just starting out, and any of your prospects ever ask you how much you can earn with this business, now you know. If you are already climbing your way to the top, and it doesn’t seem to be going as fast as you want it to, keep piling on the pressure. Then one day, you will see your business hit phenomenal explosive growth – growth and income that you simply cannot stop. In the meantime you need to focus on the end result, and keep piling on the pressure.

You also need to remember that this millionaire lifestyle isn’t just available to the chosen few, or to the people that were in at the beginning. Distributors are now building their businesses far faster than we ever did, earning more money quicker than we ever did, and getting more holidays, incentives, share options and prizes than we ever did. The question is – would you like to make a million too? There is absolutely no doubt that the next few months and years will see many more people enjoying the millionaire lifestyle, as a result of working consistently at their Telecom plusbusinesses for those few precious years.

Thank you to Charles and Telecom plus for giving us the opportunity. At the rate the business is going, were going to make the next million even quicker! And well never forget what Charles promised at an Express Day a couple of years ago. He said I’m going to make some of you very wealthy, even if I have to drag you with me, kicking and screaming. He didn’t have to drag us there. We volunteered for the job. What an awesome business, and what an awesome opportunity you have in your hands.

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Please note: As this couple have opted for the Company ‘retirement option’ and no longer actively build their Utility Warehouse business, for reasons of privacy, their names are not shown on this article.

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