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No longer on the scrap heap!

Dennis & Cindy H - Network MarketingCindy & I live in Sale, Cheshire and until very recent times I was involved very part-time with a beauty business in Knutsford, Cheshire.

We joined Telecom plus in 1997. We had just closed our menswear business in Knutsford and we were victims of the mid 1990s recession. I was 46 years old, owed £130k+, in danger of losing our home, our cars, our lifestyle and in particular; my pension. I had no-where else to go. My belief in me was zero!

I was working from home, trying various things to make ends meet but mainly increasing my costs. My telephone bill was going through the roof; so when I was approached I was very receptive to saving money. When the concept of this business was explained to me I realised; bingo! I had a solution to our problems. If I wanted to save money why shouldn’t other people want to do the same? If they save money they will be happy and because of the system I’ll be happy. I will receive my bonus & monthly commission. If they are happy, they will recommend more people which means; I will receive more bonuses & more monthly commission and I will be very happy. I had a customer driven system to create my income through natural organic growth. No stock, no staff, and no moaning bank manager in fact, I was in charge again. If it’s got to be; it’s up to me! It was then I explained the concept to Cindy and we joined. I say we because Cindy my wife said, why shouldn’t we be successful and; there’s no more selling! A little tip here folks: get partners together when explaining the plan. It saves time.

We attended training days, we learned the system and listened to our sponsors

We attended training days, we learned the system, we listened to our sponsors; in fact we copied them. I promised myself that if I wasn’t working, sleeping or doing essential family things I would work our new business as much as possible. In our first two years we went everywhere and spoke to anyone that breathed. We got 100’s of no’s and got lots of yes’s by consistency and persistency. We introduced new team members and trained them to do exactly the same; follow the system. We attended lots of Career Opportunity Presentations (COP’s) and more training and success started to happen for us all. The small team effort has created a magnificent team for which we are most thankful and appreciative of. It’s fabulous to see success for people who originally gave time to listen to us – the ones who said yes to a good idea. At the time of writing this, I am 55 and we no longer have the problems. The £130k+ is paid off. We still have a nice house, cars and a fantastic pension and I have my wonderful wife, Cindy. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without her. She supported me through everything; good and bad.

The most important thing to me is; I’m no longer on the scrap heap and I believe in myself again. It takes willpower, effort, consistency and focus (which occasionally got hazy for me) but; it is worth it. That concept that was explained to me back in 1997; I have stuck with through thick and thin, good days bad days, it didn’t matter. I just wish all those friends who told us it wouldn’t work could see us now. We still have more goals to reach and are looking forward to the exciting journey and; we will be able to leave a fabulous legacy for our grandchildren; something we never thought possible back in 1997.

We have lots of grateful thanks for all the support and the bullying from Clive & Diana our sponsors. And, last but not least, the biggest thank you goes to a great team. To your success!

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