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A wonderful journey of self-discovery and development

karen M - Distributor & Network Marketing success storyI trained as a PE teacher and after experiences teaching and travelling in South East Asia and Africa, I became passionate about overseas development issues. I returned to the UK to complete a Masters degree in demography/ population policies. I then worked in the charity sector implementing projects in Africa.

In 2003 I became a Utility Warehouse customer and was impressed with both the savings and efficiency of the Company. I wanted to tell my friends and family about it so that they could benefit too. By this time I was at home, full time, with three children under five. I saw the Utility Warehouse business as an opportunity for a challenge.

Right from the start I had a good feeling about this venture; my long-term goal was to reach Senior Group Leader and retire! There have been hard days and many fabulous days along the way. Each knock-back has been an opportunity to reflect and learn, as above all else this business provides a wonderful journey of self-discovery and development (skills that are priceless and that I can share with my children). At the end of the day, it’s not what you possess that is important but who you become.

I am my own boss, working my own flexible hours to fit around the family

The challenge is what continues to inspire and motivate me. Consequently, my long-term goal is revised: it’s now to reach National Senior Group Leader. I get out of bed each morning saying ‘thank you for today – let me make the most of it’.

I am my own boss, working my own flexible hours to fit around the family, and having fun. I truly believe that I, like others, can have my cake and eat it in this business. Now that my children are all in school full time and the money has kicked in, I know that I never need to return to the formal workplace and negotiate with a boss for days off!

My top tip: be positive, be passionate, believe and invest in self-development. Get out there and Just Do It!

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