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Actor pays bills and rent with part-time hours

Another Utility Warehouse/Network Marketing success story -  TristanAs with so many occupations, the acting profession can leave you with many quiet periods between jobs. So what does one do? Tristan from West London has performed in the theatre and on television, has starred in panto, and regularly works as a singer and dancer.

Show-business can be an unreliable profession and I’d found myself having to work in restaurants and relying on temp agencies in between roles, which is far from ideal as the pay is usually poor and if you want to go to auditions you need to take time off which means paying the bills becomes difficult. Since being introduced to the Telecomplus business by a friend, I have built up a repeating income that pays my rent, and bills every month, from just a few part-time hours work a week. Plus I’ve been given one of the great free company cars – a BMW Mini! It is not difficult to recommend the terrific Utility Warehouse services to people and neither is it hard to find others who want to earn extra money, especially with the free training and support that Telecom plus provides.

Tristan concludes, I now don’t need to worry about what to do during my quieter spells nor worry about the stress of paying the bills as I can rely upon the ongoing commissions to support me whilst I pursue my performing ambitions!

Tristan Lee
Independent Distributor

You don’t have to be a superstar to be successful

Tristan hit the ground running with the Utility Warehouse business, qualifying for a Caribbean cruise, and getting to Group Director within his first 18 months, collecting the promotion bonuses along the way. All this was achieved without having even learned to drive! He became a College of Excellence Trainer for three years, and was very popular within that arena.

As many people will know, Tristan originally got a degree in Theology and Philosophy and then trained to become an Actor, Dancer and Singer at one of the UK’s top stage schools, but as is often the case with such professions, when he joined the Utility Warehouse he was working most of the time as a waiter.

Tristan worked hard on his Utility Warehouse business and forged strong friendships and relationships within his team which helped the growth of the business. Everyone was valued as an individual, not just because of how many customers they gathered that week, a lesson many have observed to their benefit.

Thanks to the Utility warehouse, a few years ago Tristan served in a restaurant for the last time, as he was covering his living costs with his residual income. This gave him the chance to ‘choose’ – which most people can only dream of – but instead of re-entering the world of theatre, where the big money is only really earned by the star name and 6 to 7 nights a week work are the norm, he decided to set up his own entertainment business and in three short years, he has become the UK’s leading Singagram which satisfies his enjoyment of entertaining, allows him to run a business that fits in with a fun and well-travelled lifestyle, without taking up all his time.

All this has been made possible thanks to a safe and secure residual income from the Utility Warehouse, at a time when many people from both the acting and waiting professions are suffering financially.

Tristan decided that being a full-time Utility Warehouse Distributor wasn’t for him

Tristan decided that being a full-time Utility Warehouse Distributor wasn’t for him either and opted to concentrate more on his entertainment business over the last couple of years, and would never claim to have been the most active Distributor of late, but has always retained a positive and supportive interest in the business; always in the front rows at the major company events as well as attending his local meetings.

His business was well structured meaning that it didn’t take a huge shift to go from Group Director to Senior Group Leader and this is where teamwork came into it. Tristan was smart enough to combine his upline’s time and skills with his own contacts (another great lesson) and indeed the final Senior Executive leg in his jigsaw came in the guise of one of his best friends, someone he first met at BNI five years ago who was a long-time ‘no-for-now’ before the timing eventually became right.

So congratulations to Tristan, who, is the perfect example of a young guy who takes control of his future and stubbornly refuses to buck to conventional thinking, and now – without purporting to be a megabuck earner, thanks to the leg-up a residual income from Telecom plus gives, has the lifestyle of his choosing. He is a living testimonial of what he himself says in the What’s It All About? DVD which goes along the lines of – “you don’t have to be a superstar (to be successful) – just do a little bit, consistently”, and his story should be inspirational to many younger people you know who want to improve and control their lifestyle, who know there is something better for them ‘out there’ but aren’t sure where to find it.

Written by Wes Linden

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