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A life too full to develop another income stream – perfectly suited to busy people

Another Utility Warehouse Distributor success story, John TI joined the business with a plan to get to Independent Senior Group Leader. I am delighted that I achieved that before the end of 2008.

Running my own organic food business, playing drums/percussion with a band and having a busy family life, may leave an impression of a life too full to develop another income stream. However, this business is perfectly suited to busy people. Tailoring it around everyday life enables you to start developing a team which then contributes many hours to your business while you may be occupied elsewhere.

One thing that I have come to appreciate since becoming a Distributor is the huge impact that our everyday thoughts have upon our business. After all, as Jeff Olson so eloquently puts it: “Our thoughts affect our philosophy, our philosophy will affect our actions and our actions will determine our future”.

This is quintessentially a very simple business

I am now becoming much more aware of whether my thoughts are empowering me or holding me back, and there doesn’t seem a great deal of point in having a mindset that holds me back.

Always remember that this is quintessentially a very simple business, where saying less is often more. So why over-complicate it? With the right attitude, belief and desire to learn the necessary skills you will be unstoppable. I would say good luck, my friends, but you won’t need it.

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