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Utility Warehouse Distributor – Wes Linden – refereeing your own life

Wes Linden, Independent Utility Warehouse Distributor & network marketing success storyWes Linden is a football referee with twin ambitions – to officiate in the Premiership and to work smart for more money than most people can dream of. He’s already achieved the second and is well on the way to achieving the first. He’s officiated in the FA Cup and refereed a televised game where he had to send off two players within four seconds of the second half kicking off!

He’s only been a referee for three years but has already been promoted several times – he puts this down to the huge amount of free time and the considerable residual income the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) provides.

Wes Linden is a young man in a hurry, who believes that life is worth living and to be grabbed in great big chunks. He’s only 26 and has already achieved more than most people achieve in a lifetime. He’s currently within the top 5% of the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) earners – but his sights are always set higher.

His business philosophy is simple. “Find something you like doing and do it really well because then your enthusiasm will motivate others, who in turn, help you to achieve more, whilst they are achieving more themselves. It’s a Win-Win philosophy. Think of all the essential services you have to buy. Now think of how much you could save if you and thousands of others could put your purchasing power together to negotiate a better deal! That’s precisely what the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) does, but they’ve added a new twist to an old idea – based on the power of numbers. Using new technology, the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) gathers people like you and me, with little or no individual buying power, into one powerful trading block, (trading as the Utility Warehouse Discount Club) to negotiate great new deals in all of the important service areas.

The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) champions members’ interests by saving thousands on an extensive range of utility services, which include mobile phone, fixed line telephony, gas, electricity, internet and freephone services – all on one itemised bill, ensuring members no longer need to constantly monitor and change suppliers to secure the best value for money in a whole series of rapidly changing service markets.

Wes Linden believes the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) offers more than just money. “I was going to become a school teacher. I love teaching, and part of my work with the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) is helping others achieve their personal goals. I enjoy sharing my excitement about saving money and making money with others – and then helping them to do the same. The rewards both financially and in terms of personal growth are phenomenal.


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Success for April fool (Wes Linden)

As a true network marketing leader and pioneer, Wes Linden was the Company’s youngest Independent Marketing Director (Senior Group Leader) at just 21 and ten years on from this promotion, earns a healthy six figure’s from his Utility Warehouse business, standing as a true network marketing success story and a solid example of Slight Edge resolve. What is so often a common trait amongst those at and determined to reach the high levels, is a continued focus on self-driven productivity versus death by management. Over recent years, Wes has received three ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards from the Company, in relation to: his work on Company marketing materials; for his ongoing College of Excellence commitments and most recently for writing, presenting and launching the [read more]

I get a great buzz from saving a personal customer money

Wes is clearly delighted that he invested in the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) opportunity. I’ve always been interested in making money. I went to The John Lyon School in Harrow, got myself suspended and eventually became Deputy Head Boy – which was a first for the school! I achieved 6 GCSEs and two A-levels. I captained my local football team, but developed a serious weight problem, which had accelerated to 17 stone by the time I was 20. Network Marketing taught me that I could achieve whatever I wanted to by simply believing in myself and by setting goals. I lost five stone in two years and by the time I was 22 I was fit enough to referee football matches. [read more]

I never did fit into most folk’s idea of an ordinary life

The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) has a highly successful, industry-experienced Management Team and a Customer Service Department which is so effective that it answers 90% of calls received within 15 seconds which keeps the rapidly increasing customer base happy! Whilst Distributors work from home, the company operates from a single, state of the art Head Office complex in London, and because all of the key departments are based centrally costs are kept to a minimum, meaning that the Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) can keep savings high for their customers and earnings high for their Distributors, all of which keeps the Shareholders happy! [read more]

Everyday I reflect on how grateful I am for the lifestyle, free time and income

Different people want different things; whether it’s an extra £200 per month to cover those little extras; £500 per month to pay the mortgage or £1000 – £10,000 per month to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus) can help people achieve whichever financial goals they’ve set for themselves, and I’m delighted to be one of them. [read more]

You don’t have to be a superstar to be successful

Thanks to the Utility Warehouse, a few years ago Tristan served in a restaurant for the last time, as he was covering his living costs with his residual income. This gave him the chance to ‘choose’ – which most people can only dream of – but instead of re-entering the world of theatre, where the big money is only really earned by the star name and 6 to 7 nights a week work are the norm, he decided to set up his own entertainment business and in three short years, he has become the UK’s leading Singagram which satisfies his enjoyment of entertaining, allows him to run a business that fits in with a fun and well-travelled lifestyle, without taking up all his time. [read more]

From senior corporate success!

Wes Linden commented, “With more and more people from senior corporate backgrounds and larger organisations getting involved with the Utility Warehouse now, Shannon and Peter’s willingness to fit in and work with the system, as opposed to against it, is highlighted in even greater fashion now compared to some of the attitudes we are seeing from time to time from some new starters. Mix that humility with and a total embracement of the concept of rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty, this brought about a lethal combination. Never losing that air of professionalism that made them so successful in their previous careers, this aided their methodical trip to Independent Marketing Director. For as long as I’ve known them, they’ve had wall charts and whiteboards with every move plotted, every gap highlighted and every follow-up planned.” [read more]

Jez Tromans promoted to Senior Group Leader

Jeremy, by his own admission, has had a stop-start career with Telecom plus. He was active in his early days in the business, but then had a four year gap where he did nothing, instead concentrating on his ‘day job’ . However, he couldn’t help but notice that he was still getting paid every single month for the work he had done initially. [read more]

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