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All round – it’s a genuine win-win!

Shannon & Peter (with Wes Linden) - all Telecom plus/Network Marketing examples of successFun, independence, being with other people, helping people, achieving results, being worry-free, money, recognition, self respect – we’re not unique, and we want the same things as most people, but we were struggling to find the time or lifestyle to achieve most of these.

We work this business every day, and every day we are so pleased that it found us at the right time. We both had corporate careers (Shannon was Sales Director for the education division of a major US IT company, and Peter was Managing Director of retail banking for a major consultancy firm). Despite each of us having six-figure salaries, great company cars, expense accounts and a host of executive-level benefits, our time and our lives were not our own; with crucifying pressure and huge stress. We were the living embodiment of the work-life balance gone wrong!

The catch is – there isn’t a catch!

Neither of us had really thought about direct selling, but a surprise encounter with an old friend made us think. A business that supplies services that everybody needs, but better than anybody else; a public company, not some obscure overseas organisation; working with like-minded people and personal development. All of these benefits in a single business opportunity; but what’s the catch? The catch is – there isn’t a catch!

So arriving at Independent Marketing Director we’ve proved something that neither of us really doubted: it works! We know the plot of land where we will have a house, its design and views. We have day dreamed our perfect days. We are so close to them it is so, so exciting! Our dreams are now solid and achievable plans.

Our secrets of success are: be objective, be consistent and enjoy yourself! I suppose that one word encapsulates everything: attitude. Have your goals, and keep looking at them constantly. Be consistent, be an active member of your team, and have fun.

Absolutely key to this is that we have a great team, and we are helping them also to be successful. We get what we want too and we all have fun! All round it’s a genuine win-win

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