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Utility Warehouse Video Overview

Wes Linden hosts the What's It All About? video - explaining how the Utility Warehouse works - click here to watch the videoYou are invited to watch Utility Warehouse video overview ‘What’s It All About?’, a 20 minute overview of the Utility Warehouse business opportunity. Please watch the whole video – make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, relax and consider why the Utility Warehouse is considered by many to be the UK’s most compelling financial opportunity.

“Whether it takes three, five or ten years but it’s a genuine opportunity to get out of the rat race.”
Steve Critchley
Independent National Senior Group Leader

Hear from over 30 Distributors, including: a Single Mum, a Free Lance Hairdresser, serving Police Officers, a Brick Layer, Sales and Marketing professionals, Ex-Royal Navy, a Franchise Owner, a Professional Golf Player, an Airline Captain, a Deputy Head Teacher, a professional Football Referee, a Charity Worker and several of the Company’s highest paid Independent Distributors. Listen to the thoughts of existing Utility Warehouse customers and also from several of the Company’s Directors: Charles Wigoder, Andrew Lindsay and Wayne Coupland.

This video also touches on the many favorable reviews and endorsements within the UK’s leading consumer magazine, along with a mention of the ‘Company or the Year’ recognition from the 2008 PLC Awards. Also discussed are the Company’s award-winning Customer Services Team, training, holiday incentives, along with a mention of the BMW Mini and Porsche car schemes.

“Word of mouth is much better. People are far more likely to respond to a recommendation from someone they know and trust than to a commercial on TV or a newspaper advert. So it’s an excellent way for us to build our customer base. Our business partners can build a very good income with us, just by recommending our services to their friends, family and colleagues at work, in their spare time.”

Charles Wigoder
Chief Executive, Telecom plus PLC.
(Quote from What’s It All About? video)

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Your feedback would be appreciated. Please take a moment to call 0800 074 7494 with your thoughts, questions and perhaps, a mention of what you liked best about this video.

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