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Alison Dangerfield

Utility Warehouse will help you grow yourself, as you grow your income

Alison Dangerfield

Here’s a thought for you… On average, a new customer signs up to save money with Utility Warehouse every minute of every working day.

However, they only have just under 2% of the UK marketplace. If you’re looking for a business that offers a service that is essential, recession-proof, that people can’t do without, then look no further.

You can build your business at your own pace, in your own time, with all the support you need and free training provided as often as you like. You can work part-time, full-time or just from time-to-time.

You’ll get all the support you need too – including a mentor to accompany you on your first few appointments in case you need any help. You’ll even get support if things aren’t going so well for you.

A great example of that is Alison Dangerfield, from the Midlands. She joined our team and was having some personal challenges after nearly thirty years of marriage. She was trying her best to get off to a good start, but on top of being inexperienced with our business, she was dealing with home issues. She actually didn’t manage to sign up a customer from the first eight people she spoke to. This is very much against the odds that we are used to, so her mentor – instead of ignoring or chastising her, which may have happened in the corporate world – kept her spirits high and continued to support her. Conversely, Alison didn’t throw her toys out the pram, like some people would do.

Then it all clicked for Alison, and in the last few days she has now joined our 100 plus club, which means she has introduced over 100 personal customers, which she will get paid a residual income on every month – so she is rewarded time and time again for the work she did just once.

Well done Alison!

So if you’re looking to grow, learn and earn at the same time, with lots of support and encouragement, then you should complete your details below for more information about joining Utility Warehouse as a distributor. We’ll look after you every step of the way!

To find out more why not request a FREE INFORMATION PACK

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