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My residual income grew by another 18%

2015 is going to be an awesome year for Telecom plus and for each of our respective businesses, if each of us chooses action over apathy and excuses. All it takes is having the guts to set some goals and the strength of character to put forth the effort. So, at this traditional time of goal setting and new year’s resolutions – what importance will you place on your Telecom plus business? Talking with Wes a few moments ago, he tells me that this is always the time when each year he maps out the year to come with clearly defined goals. He tells me that every item on last year’s list was achieved! Are there any of us who would not be happy with Wes’s semi-retired lifestyle….at age 26?!

I recently read that more than 90% of us stumble through life with no clearly defined goals…beyond where next year’s holiday will be and how much will be put aside for next Christmas. The same article suggests that 90% of us in the UK are no more than three pay cheques away from being broke.

This Christmas was a stark reminder of the perils of reliance on traditional forms of income or business. Without boring you with all the details, in December, I found myself minus £10,000 in my ‘other’ business. Not good and I can tell you that the children were not too excited. In the same month, my Telecom plus residual income grew by another 18% and I was very glad that at the start of 2004 I had set some goals for Telecom plus and subsequently, backed those plans with decisive action. Unlike Wes, I did not hit 100% of my goals – but more goals were hit than if I had failed to set any in the first place!

12 months of consistent part-time effort has proved to be highly worthwhile and I would encourage you to do the same (or better). What could you achieve in the next 12 months if you were willing to set some goals?

Go for it and I look forward to working with you in 2015.

Telecom plus

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