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A permanent residual income

With Clive Leach on the Silver Whisper...another free Utility Warehouse holidayLooking around the various online forums, there is a lot of rubbish written about Telecom plus (The Utility Warehouse) – its business opportunity, services and the Company. It’s sometimes a little like reading an online tennis match, with one objection after another being batted back and forth over an invisible net, very often with a complete sceptic on one side and a relatively new Utility Warehouse distributor on the other.

I admire greatly anyone with the presence of mind and foresight to consider and act upon an opportunity to financially better themselves and/or the fortunes of their family. We do afterall live in uncertain financial times: pension crisis, retirement ages going up, job security a thing of the past and personal debt levels going through the roof. Those who simply bury their heads in the sand, under the misguided notion that all will be ok, are in for a rude awakening. Most of us are on a very certain collision course for financial disaster and it’s time to wake up to the fact that all will not simply be put right by some divine act of the government. Action is needed.

Three years of part-time (but committed) effort with the Utility Warehouse business has yielded 1000’s of share options, a very nice BMW Mini One via the Company’s car reward scheme, two all expenses paid luxury holidays and most importantly – a life-changing, ‘walk away’, significant and growing residual income. After such a relatively short period of time, it’s great to know that each month can bring an increasing monthly income and that we now have the security of a permanent residual income that already exceeds most full career pensions.

If you want to know more about the Utility Warehouse, I welcome your call on 0800 458 0623 or please explore the various links on this web site. Don’t be fooled by the sceptics and those who insist that it’s all pie in the sky. Time is and will prove them wrong. Get the facts for yourself and be wary of whose advice you allow to impact on your financial future!

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